The Best Organic Supplements You Can Get

Is the competitive edge of hard work or studies taking a high toll on your body and mind? Has your lifestyle got you worried about your nutrition? Our fast paced lives are often lived at the detriment of our health. We are constantly keeping ourselves on our toes and demand a lot of performance from our bodies. Because we keep so busy we do not have time to rest, eat properly and get enough exercise.
Supplement to the rescue! Did you know that 76% of the US adult population supplement their diet with vitamins, superfood supplements, pills and capsules? People worry about their nutrition and what it lacks and they compensate with nutritional supplements. Sadly, too many of the products available on the market are made in labs with synthetic ingredients. Not so when it comes to Abe’s Organics products. All of their supplements, powders, pills and capsules are natural, made from plants, certified organic without GMOs. They capture the nutrition directly from superfood plants and put them in their supplements and they never use fillers, sweeteners or artificial flavors.
Those who do not want to worry about their nutrition are well served to use one or a combination of Abe’s Organics supplements.
How Abe’s Organic Superfood Supplement Works
Abe’s organic superfood supplement line is based on a wide range of plant-based ingredients that are known to improve cognitive and cardiovascular functions, blood circulation, mood, blood sugar and energy levels.
Some of the key ingredients are:
1. Bacopa
Native to wet and tropical climates, bacopa has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine. It has been found to increase dendrite branching and neuron length in the brain. This improves memory, spatial learning, focus and overall cognitive functions.
2. Acerola Cherry
Acerola cherry is rich in potassium, which is great for heart health. It is a powerful vasodilator, meaning that it dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow. This reduces the strain on the cardiovascular system and improves blood pressure. No wonder it has also been found to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
3. Mangosteen
This relatively obscure fruit is full of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Due to its rich vitamin C content it also boosts the immune system.
4. Red Reishi Mushroom
Red reishi mushroom strengthens the immune system, fights fatigue and reduces symptoms of depression. It can also control blood sugar and improve heart health.
5. Chlorella
Chlorella is plant-based algae, which has been creating a buzz recently because of its tremendous health benefits. It offers the largest concentration of chlorophyll found in any plant and is a great source of protein, vitamins B12 and C, iron, omega 3, and other nutrients. Chlorella has been found to aid detox, enhance the immune system and reduce cholesterol levels.
6. Maca
Several studies have shown that maca root can increase libido, energy, enhance stamina in both men and women and increase testosterone in men; some even believe it can cure erectile dysfunction.
This is just to name a few. There are many other organic ingredients used in Abe’s supplements line. The various formulas use Lion’s Mane mushroom, Neem, Spirulina, Maqui, Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Carob, Turmeric, Moringa, Carob, Maitake Mushroom and many others.
Only the Best!
All the ingredients in Abe’s Organics superfood powders are 100% natural and of the highest quality. They are committed to offering only the most amazing ingredients for the best health benefits without any adverse side effects. All of their products are created after countless hours of research and development. They offer a range of other supplements as well, such as organic tulsi and ashwagandha capsules.
So, contact Abe’s today for the best plant based supplements for healthy body, heart, and brain!