My Story

Years ago I cheated death because of the superfood capsules I created for myself.

I tore my ACL skiing and went in for what’s a pretty routine surgery these day’s. 10 day’s later I developed a massive blood clot in my leg. I was told what usually happens in this situation is your leg goes numb and you run to the hospital where a doctor tells you if that clot came loose and went through your heart it’s GAME OVER. Well, my leg never went numb. The clot came loose, traveled straight through my heart and I woke up in the ICU to teams of doctors and nurses telling me I had no business being alive. I had suffered a massive pulmonary embolism and all I could think about was my wife and 4 year old son and how lucky I was to still be alive.

The doctors ran every test imaginable and they came to talk to me about what they found. They said, “Abe, we never say this, but your blood work is immaculate and your cardiovascular function is perfect. What is your secret?” I showed them the same list of superfoods you see here on my site and they we’re flabbergasted. They told me, “Abe, your superfoods saved your life. Your blood and cardiovascular function are so ideal that your heart didn’t explode.” 

It was in the next nano second I knew my life’s purpose and why I was still here. If there is a chance the creation I made for myself saved my life, my mission every day moving forward is going to be to help as many people as humanly possible because every day is a gift. I spent three days in that hospital bed while teams of different doctors and nurses rotated in and out, telling me how insanely lucky I was to be alive. My purpose became crystal clear and the moment I was able to get out of there and I went to work figuring out how I was going to help others. I’ve worked 20 hour days for the past two years to get where I am. It’s ironic, the same capsules that saved my life, that give me the energy and clarity to work from 4am until midnight every day, are the product I’m now offering to the world.

I’m so incredibly passionate about my mission and excited to share my life’s work with you that these words are bursting out of this page! It is with humble gratitude that I am able to continue my mission to help others. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to the opportunity to optimize your life.